Our Services

Corporate Sector


  • Recruitment of Work Permit Holders (PRC)
  • Recruitment of S-Pass & Employment Pass Holders
  • Candidates from China, Philippines, Myanmar, India & Malaysia
  • Conduct 1st level interview and shortlisting
  • Knowledge of various industries
  • Organize interview for company in overseas (Terms & conditions applied) 
  • Full documentation
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Arrival pick up & Medical
  • Conduct orientation to Singapore


  • Sourcing for qualified candidates as per requested
  • Conduct Interview and compilation of resumes
  • Submit shortlisted resumes to overseas 
  • Organize overseas interview with webcam or phone
  • Prepare interview facilities for overseas counterparts
  • Prepare testing area (if appliable)
  • Ensure selected candidates pass official requirements
  • Organize flight for candidates to overseas

Domestic Sector


  • Recruitment of domestic workers from Indonesia, Myanmar & Philippines
  • Own training center in Indonesia, Jakarta
  • Interview of applicants through webcam or phone
  • Full documentation
  • Arrival pick up & Medical
  • Insurance & Security bond
  • Direct Hire
  • Home services
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